Every new bow purchased at Briar & Bow Archery includes Lessons, FREE setup and FREE service for 2 years, backed by over six decades of archery experience.

       All accessories are assembled and installed FREE of charge on bows purchased in our store… and include instruction on their use!


        And if we don’t have it…

let us find it for you!


        Any product not ordinarily in our inventory can be special ordered at “big box store” pricing and, in most cases,

you won’t have to pay shipping!


Try Before You Buy!!


     All new bow sales include FREE instruction on our first-floor 20-yd target range... where you can try before you buy, test the new model bows or just work on your form.



Our Shop Area

...better yet...


test your skills on our video/theatre range by Dart International.

    Use your own bow and shoot your own arrows at a 9x12-ft motion picture!

    Over 1,000 different wildlife scenes! Let us take you to Africa, Canada, Alaska or Colorado… or practice your shot placement on specific game, such as elk, deer, bear or turkey!

     And computer scorekeeping lets you challenge your buddies!



set your sight pins for distances up to 35 yards on our wide open, second floor range! Now you can dial in without influence of the weather!

Our Shop Area